I love Macchiaioli

This is a reproduction of “Morning Toilette” by Telemaco Signorini, 1898. I painted it in 2010 in oil on canvas (50x70x2). Signorini was an Italian painter born in Florence and belonging to the group known as Macchiaioli – the most innovative and Avant-Guard Movement of the period, forerunners of French Impressionists, whose name derives from the word “macchia” in English “stain”. What I like in Signorini is that he takes his subjects from real, harsh life, very often of women (see Signorini’s “The Madhouse”) and that he was influenced by photography, as the asymmetrical composition of this painting reveals: “Morning Toilette” depicts the interior of a brothel at the “levée” (from French “getting up”) traditionally a ceremony referred to the  monarch. In this case there are no monarchs but prostitutes whose skirts are edged with oranges and reds like theatrical backlighting and the space in which the women and their visitors are  arranged is so severely compressed that we feel a sense of estrangement and affliction.






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